– Services –

Our expert jeweler can perform numerous jobs with a wide variety of materials, here are some of the basics:

  • Jewelry restoration / Re-purposing
  • Stone Setting
  • Cleaning
  • Sizing
  • Refinishing / Polishing
  • Rhodium and Gold Plating
  • Watch repair
  • Customization / Special Orders
  • CAD designs


At Luxe Jewelry and Loan, we offer free walk-in evaluation at our convenient Pacific Beach location. *Private parking available upon request


The evaluation begins with determining an item’s intrinsic value, this is a raw material value based on precious metals and stones. Then, a piece may have value-added through craftsmanship, make, history and condition. Please provide any documentation related to the sale or history of the item as well as any relevant gemological reports (GIA, AGS, HRD, Gubelin). From there we can gauge the current market for your item, determine the potential resale value and make you an offer
At Luxe Jewelry and Loan, we have GIA trained gemologists on staff who will inspect your jewelry. We use specialized tools and gemological equipment for this process. Our goal is to be both thorough and efficient. We understand that our clients’ items have both monetary and sentimental value and we handle each piece with the utmost care.
After the evaluation process at Luxe Jewelry and Loan, a representative can make you an offer on the spot